The Amazing Spiderman

I caught a "not opening day, but Friday nonetheless" matinee of the Spiderman reboot.  Here's my short review.

That was different. Not better - just different.

Here's a little more
  • I really like the deeper exploration of the goodness and the darkness in the Spiderman character.  
  • That said, the film left me wanting.  I wanted more of the new back story.  I wanted more from Peter Parker's parents.  I wanted more from his uncle and aunt.
  • The special effects are seamless.  Well done.
  • I liked each performance.  For this film I've got to name Emma Stone as the best presence, however.

This is a really good film  - worth seeing.  It's missing something -- I think it's further exploration of the newly revealed back stories.  I hope the next film goes deeper.

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