In this week’s Bible reading from Mark 4:35-41, Jesus was tired.  While the boat was sailing to the other side of the lake, he took a nap.

And then there was a storm. 

Jesus stayed asleep.

It was a really big storm.  It was so big that the boat was starting to sink.

And Jesus slept.

And the disciples woke him up, exasperated, and cried to him.  “Don’t you care that we’re all going to die?”

And Jesus got up, shouted at the storm, and said to the lake, “Peace!  Be still!”

And everything quieted down.

Jesus asked the disciples why they were afraid.  He asked them if they had any faith at all.

And the disciples were filled with awe and wonder.

If I had been there I might have said, “Are you kidding?!  No faith?  While you were asleep we almost died.  Why did you let us go through that storm?  Why didn’t you keep us safe?  Why didn’t you at least try to help us keep the boat afloat while the rains were pouring down! 

And I’m guessing that Jesus would turn that into a teachable moment.

What do you think the moment would be like?

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