Rock of Ages

Cassie and I caught a Sunday afternoon showing of the new metal movie musical.  Here's my short review.

Great music.  Uneven film.

Here's a little more.
  • Confession:  I didn't know this was a film based on a musical.  But 10 seconds into it, I thought, "This sure seems like a musical."
  • More about uneven?  There are too many extended, uninteresting moments.  I'd lose interest and then be brought back by something fun.
  • As good or bad as this film may be, it's best feature is Tom Cruise.  I didn't really like the film and I'd love to see it again just because of his performance.
  • Come to think of it, I guess I liked everyone's performance. I just wasn't crazy about the film.

How's that for a "I didn't really like this, but somehow it's a good film - sort of" - review?

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