The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 Review

I saw a matinee of the beginning of the end of the Twilight Saga today.  The theatre wasn't too crowded, but it was reasonably filled for an early matinee.  I was one of maybe two men in the theatre.  It looked like there were about 75 total in the seats.  Here's my short review:

"The best in the series so far . . . but still just OK."

Here's a little more.
  • The characters did seem more developed in this film than in the past ones.  Kristen Stewart's Bella and Ashley Greene's Alice are two of the best this time.
  • This entry doesn't rely too heavily on special effects . . .  or at least the effects are noticeable.  That's an improvement, too.
  • The "wolf council" scene was terrible.  It almost ruined the rest of the film.
  • I've said this before:  It's not fair for me to review this film.  I'm really not part of the target audience.
  • If you like the books, I think you'll at least be engaged by this film.  If you don't like the books, continue to stay away.

Yes.  I will see part 2 next year.

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