Negative negative

I’m trying to see more positives. I don’t want to rant against negatives. They are always present and it is necessary to define what one does not support as much as it is to communicate what you support. For instance:
  • I support the Occupy Wall Street Movement.
  • I support President Obama’s policies and agenda.
  • I support marriage equality
  • I support health care reform.
And as I say those things, I recognize that many will have immediate negative thoughts. Some of them would probably be directed at the causes I just said I support. Others likely would be directed at me for supporting those causes. I also recognize that many will have positive thoughts about the causes I listed (and others I support) as well as about me for supporting them.

And, of course, I want to focus on the positives. This week’s Bible reading from Matthew 25:41-46 tells the parable of the sheep and the goats. There are negatives and positives. And I want to focus on the positives – and perhaps even enhance them.
  • I was hungry and you had a banquet in my honor.
  • I was a stranger and you introduced me to all of your friends.
  • I was naked and you took on a shopping spree.
  • I was sick and you made me chicken soup
  • I was in prison and you told me that God loves me no matter what.
 How positive can you get?

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