Silverline - Voices in the Night Bible Study

Encouragement to make a difference is the running theme of this new Bible study I wrote for Interlinc's most recent digital music video magazine. (MVL 75)  What does the song and the study make you want to do?

Artist: Silverline
URL:  silverlinemusic.com
Album: Voices in the Night
Label: VSR Music Group
Video: Voices in the Night
Writer: Kirk Moore
Ministry: Union Congregational United Church of Christ
Location: Somonauk, Illinois
Email: Kirk@grosstheology.com

The World, Encouragement

Students will be encouraged to live their lives to make a difference.

Warm- up
Voices: Hand out several short sentence “scripts” to students as they arrive. Ask the students not to share their sentences until you ask. If possible, dim the lights in the room so that it is difficult to see faces. Ask students to keep their eyes closed and then ask students, one at a time, to read their sentences. Other students, after hearing the sentences, will guess who was speaking. (Be sure to utilize a method other than calling out a name to ask the students to read their sentences. A tap on the shoulder will work fine.) Some possible sentences to use for the scripts are, “Sometimes I feel safe and secure.” “Sometimes I am edgy and uneasy.” “I can’t get to sleep.” “I think I’d like to talk to a friend.” “God listens when I pray.” “I want to make a difference in the world.”


Ask:  What do you think you paid more attention to? Was it trying to figure out who was talking? Was it considering what the people said? How did these voices in the dark make you feel? 

Play Voices in the Night video from Silverline

During the song, have students circle existing words or add others that describe their feelings as they watch the video.

Words:  Safe  Lonely  Tired  Happy  Joyful  Scared  Confused  Powerful  Hopeful


Ask:  What do you think the voices in the night are? How do you think the voices in the night affect the different people in the video? The people in the video seem to be invited to a concert. What does the song invite you to do?

Bible Study:

Read together the following Bible passages:

Isaiah 55:6
Is there ever a time when God can’t be found? What do you think the challenge of this verse is?

Matthew 23:27-28
How kind is the person who is nice to you but rude to the person serving food at a restaurant?
Do you think Jesus was referring to people who make mistakes or people who purposefully try to fool others into believing they are good? What’s the difference?

James 1:26-27
What does it mean to keep yourself from being stained, corrupted, or polluted by the world?
What does it mean to care for the widows and the orphans?
Why do you think these two ideas are linked together?

Wrap up:
The song “Voices in the Night” offers encouragement to follow Jesus authentically and completely. It also invites all who feel like they’ve failed to feel the love, compassion, grace, and forgiveness God gives. It offers a simple challenge. Be good. And be good to everyone.

Closing prayer: Please help us, oh God, to live authentically, completely, and wholeheartedly for you. Help us to be good – both in how we live our lives and how we treat everyone. Thank you for giving us your love, compassion, grace, and forgiveness. Amen.

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