Crossing the Jordan

Moses was dead.  And Joshua led the people into the promised land.  God promised to be with the people as they moved ahead.

First things first -- getting across the Jordan river.  As it turns out, not such a big deal.  The river sort of dried up and all the people could get across.

While the drama and the similarity to the crossing of the Red Sea (or better spoken, "Sea of Reeds") could easily lead someone to understand this week's Bible reading from Joshua 3:7-17 as one that shows  God's complete control over nature, I think that the experience of crossing the Jordan river didn't stick too long with the people. So they crossed a river that is often crossable. 

Big deal.

So what's to consider?  After the people crossed the Jordan, as they were bound to do, a whole new adventure began.

What new adventure are you about to begin? 

In this week's reading, the people were about to embark on a violent, murderous, land grab.  Following that example would be an awful idea.

But what new adventure are you gearing up to begin?  How will it connect with loving God and loving everyone?

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