Here's this week's Bible reflection
  • Favorite ice cream flavor:  Pralines and Cream
  • Favorite Film:  Walk the Line
  • Favorite music style:  Blues
  • Favorite Commandment:  The big two – Love God, Love Everyone
  • Favorite Child:  Why would anyone every answer that question? No good could ever come of it!
Jacob loved Joseph best.  Everyone knew it.  All the other brothers knew it. All the mothers knew it. Everyone that worked for Jacob knew it. Jacob showed that he loved Joseph best – most recently by giving him that long robe with sleeves. (Perhaps you’ll be able to keep that ‘Coat of Many Colors” song out of your head . . . perhaps not)

Joseph knew it. And I’m pretty sure he took advantage of it. He paraded around in his new coat. He told his father when his brothers weren’t working hard enough. 

Joseph was arrogant.
Jacob didn’t get it.

In this week’s reading from Genesis 37:1-4, 12-28, almost no one looks good. Favoritism has lead to jealousy and jealousy to hatred and hatred to murderous desire.

But one voice of reason can change things for the better.

Rueben. His cool head stopped his brothers from making a mistake that would cost them dearly. 

We need more Ruebens in the world.

Great sandwich, too. I think it’s my favorite.

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