Imagine What's Possible. UCC General Synod 2011 - 1

I'm in Tampa for the United Church of Christ's 28th General Synod.  Day one is complete.

Some highlights:
  • Connecting and reconnecting with friends I haven's seen for a few weeks, months, or even years.  Making new friends, too!  (The warmth of friendship from these folks makes synod worth the trip -- but there's more!)
  • J. Bennett Guess -- nominee for Local Church Ministries of the UCC Executive Minister.  Ben is a powerful speaker, a compassionate leader, a brilliant writer, a prophetic voice, and one who shows authentic love.  Folks like Ben make the UCC a better church.
  • Rev. Freeman Palmer.  Wow -- Freeman can start a worship service.  He has exuberance, passion, and then some!
  • Testimonies  Rev. Susan K. Smith, Rev. Marilyn Pag├ín-Banks, and Rev. Josh Longbottom offered powerful, inspirational, amazing testimonies of God's work for mercy and justice.
  • A new favorite song, "You Are Holy," a traditional South African song - arranged and translated in 2007 by More Voices.  Music is available in the songbook, Sing! Prayer and Praise.

Tomorrow is Suncoast Saturday. It's a day-long “imagine what’s possible” event of big ideas, best practices and celebration. Things begin at 8:15 am tomorrow morning.  I'm leading a workshop called "The Plugged-In Church: Staying Connected" at 12:45 pm in the Tampa Convention Center, Room 25.  Here's a link to a program of the whole day.

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