Cars 2

I saw the early matinee of the newest Pixar flick today.  Here's my short review:

We're used to better, but this one passes.

Here's a little more.

OK -- so this isn't a great Pixar film.  It's still better than most films released.
Nice Toy Story short at the beginning!
I wasn't bored, but much of the time I wasn't completely engaged, either. 
Favorites:  Larry the Cable Guy's Tow Mater, Emily Mortimer's Holley Shiftwell (great name!) and John Turturro's Francesco Bernoulli.
I love the film's hero, sir.  (no spoiler from me)
Nothing spectacular in the credits this time, but stick around until the end.  Brad Paisley's "Nobody's Fool" is a great song. 

I don't think there needs to be another sequel.

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