Here's this week's Bible reflection:

The early church spent time . . . together.
The early church ate meals . . . together.
They looked out for one another.
They sought goodwill for all the people.

Sure – things didn’t last that way.  People got tired of being so ‘together.’  Some folks wanted more than they needed.  Greed and jealousy set in.  Radio and TV commentators started calling them socialists. 

But God has a way of making it right anyway.  God never gives up.  God never loses hope.  God never stops loving all of creation.

And God still knows the best way to live is to love God and to love everyone.

And we still have great examples of what that looks like:

Spending time together.
Sharing meals together.
Looking out for one another.
Seeking goodwill for all the people.


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