This week's Bible reflection:

Don’t you worry about a thing.  Everything will be all right.

I’m sure some read this week’s Bible passage and hear the calm, soothing voice of Jesus assuring them that whatever problem is happening that it will be all right as long as they stop worrying. 

And while I know that Jesus is a person of calm and peace, I don’t think his words here are about lessening anxiety or bringing a heart rate down.

They are about preoccupation. 

You don’t have to have the best food prepared by the best chefs.  You don’t need to know what the best wines or what the most trendy cocktails are. You don’t have to wear the most desirable clothes or the sharpest outfits. Stop your obsession with standing out because you have all the right, flashy things.  It’s not about the stuff!

Pay attention to God. Pay attention to justice.  Pay attention to what you can do to follow God right now. That’s enough. Do that.

I wonder if I can follow that advice.

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