Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1

I went to the midnight show of the next-to-the-last HP adventure last night (I should say early this morning, right?)  Here's my short review.

Best one yet.  Yeah.

Here's a little more.

  • Most of the familiar HP characters are in this film, if only for a few moments.  But each one makes the most of their limited screen time.
  • Harry, Hermione, and Ron fill the vast majority of the screen time.  Each character is marvelous - and if I were to give out a best of the three award, it would go, unquestionably, to Emma Watson's Hermione.
  • There were a few times that the not-so-steady cam shots, likely done to give the scenes a rawer feel, looked instead as if they were unfixed mistakes.
  • That Harry and Hermione scene folks are talking about?  Whoa.
  • There are loads of special effects in this film.  But it didn't feel as if I was watching a film with loads of special effects.  Well done.

July 15, 2011 cannot come quickly enough.

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