The Sorcerer's Apprentice

I caught a Regal Cinemas' 'Value Days' ($5 admission all day weekdays, free popcorn and a soda) showing of the Mickey Mouse inspired Nicholas Cage movie. Here's my short review:

Nothing epic here, but it's pretty good.

Here's a little more:

Nicholas Cage looks the best he's looked in years in this film. It also looks like he was having fun!
The mopping scene made me smile.
This is the first movie where I've seen a nerdy kid who talks like Christian Slater act a little bit like Indiana Jones.
Alfred Molina is excellent as Maxim Horvath. He is definitely the go-to actor for a comic bad guy. Any movie he is in seems worth seeing just to enjoy his performance.
Best stupid term in this film: "The Prime Merlinian"

There's a setup for a sequel, though I'm not sure there's enough steam in the engine to get one moving.

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