Here's this week's Bible study blog post:

“I’ve said the Lord’s prayer so many times it has lost all meaning for me.”

I’ve heard that and likely even said it a few times in my life. I’ve said the words of the Lord’s prayer so many times that I can say it without thinking at all.

But does that mean it has lost all meaning?

Ask the person who has lost so many memories that the familiar prayers and songs are the only things that bring comfort and recognition.

Ask the person who is in a time of fear or stress or confusion and the only words they remember to say or pray are the ones they have repeated so often that they come by rote.

Ask God, who understands our prayers no matter what the words – or whether the words match what is going on in the depths of our souls.


Anonymous said...

So, what does it mean?

Kirk said...

that's a different conversation than I've really presented here. this post heads in the "its a conversation with you and God and God understands what you mean no matter what." direction