It wasn't on my list of films to see this summer, but I think the new dreamy Leo film has become the must-see event of the summer. I saw it last night with Cassie. Here's my short review:

I'm going to have to see that again.

Here's a little more:
  • Cassie said that this film was sort of like Lost -- but with a much better payoff. I agree.
  • Expect to say "What?" a few times. And hang in there. It will get more confusing and more entertaining as the film progresses.
  • This is the kind of film that will generate conversations, arguments, and term papers.
  • Special effects? Yeah -- they are very cool.
  • The snow scenes made me think of James Bond.
  • Oh yeah -- there was great acting, too!
Who needs a sequel? People will have to see this several times over the next several years to fully understand it.

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