Peaceful Valley 2010 - 1


I've been in Colorado at Peaceful Valley Ranch for the past couple of days -- what a great beginning to vacation.

These first couple of days have been a warm-up for a week of dude ranch horse riding. There hasn't been much of a schedule or any significant "gotta do this" things during the warm-up. But here are a few experiences I've had so far.

The talent show -- The Moores are total show-offs. Each of us sang, played, or acted in the ranch talent show a few hours after we arrived.
Rooftop Rodeo -- For my first rodeo experience ever (not counting the guest rodeos at Peaceful Valley) I went to Estes Park for one of the nations premier small arena rodeos.
The petting zoo at Peaceful Valley. It's the kind of place you hang out with goats that come up and expect to be pet like a dog.
Mountaintop Chapel hike -- I hiked up to the Peaceful Valley Memorial Chapel - about 1000 feet up from the ranch. The view from the chapel is spirit-awakening.

Tomorrow we start the horse riding. I'm ready to run. And I'm pretty sure Ibuprofen will be my good friend.


Cassie said...

No kidding the Moores are total show-offs. Good thing the Coburns aren't [AHEM!]
Did anyone video this stuff? you gotta do that and post it!!!

Kirk said...

Mom got some video - but I have the computer that doesn't do too well with video. I'll try though.