Sherlock Holmes

On our first night on our "end of 2009" Florida vacation, some of the Moores (the kids and me) went to see the newest film interpretation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's fictional detective. (The other adults went to see It's Complicated) Here's my short review:

Action, intensity, intelligence, special effects and a great story too!

Here's a little more

Robert Downey Jr. is simply a magnificent actor. Having him play an out of control Holmes seems a perfect choice.
I loved the "here's what I'll do" and "watch me do it" scenes -- brilliant!
The chemistry between Holmes and Waston -- well done!
Rachel McAdams continues to bring believable characters to the screen.
I'm normally not interested in period films -- this one has changed my mind.

There wasn't, of course, enough Moriarty. But I'm sure there will be as this film seems to be the beginning of a series.

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