Cassie and I tried to catch an earlier show of James Cameron's box office mega hit yesterday -- to avoid the big crowds. Instead we traded in our early ticket for one for a later show, arrived an hour early and joined (with countless others) the "I've seen Avatar" club. Here's my short review:

It lived up to the hype and all the good reviews -- a superior film!

Here's a little more:

Movies aren't supposed to be huge weekly box office hits in their fourth week. Someone forgot to tell all the people crowding the theatre (no 'buffer seats!') about that.
Everyone is talking about the spectacular special effects (I saw it in 3-d.) Yes. They are that good.
I've read the "This movie is just Pochahantas in space" posts on Facebook. It isn't. Sure there are elements that make one think of other films, but this film isn't Tron or Ferngully either. This film is Avatar.
The story is deep, revealed at just the right pace, and engaging from start to finish.
Are there political messages? Yes. Are there environmental messages? Yes. It this great entertainment with themes worth discussing? Yes.
Just one thing I didn't like . . . no -- I liked it all.

Loved it. I can't wait for the next chapter.

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