Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

While we were on vacation, I promised Andrew that we would see the new Chipmunk movie today. And so, while I wasn't sure what to expect (I did see the first one) we headed to the cinema this morning. Here's my short review:

A munked-up High School Musical meets Karate Kid with a tiny taste of Saturday Night Live.

Here's a little more
OK -- this isn't a great movie, but it is entertaining.
Jason Lee must've asked to shoot his scenes in under a week.
Zachary Levi is the best part of the movie -- unless you really love Chipmunk music
Anjelah Johnson is going to be a big star this year.
Most obvious product placements: Woot.com and Wii.
Nascar fans got a cameo from Digger the gopher cam mascot? What's up with that?

There's enough interest and enough stories to tell for another. If they wait a little longer I probably won't have to see it, tho.

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