What does that look like?

Here are some short thoughts -- starting the conversation on the Bible study blog at i.ucc.
Love one another.

From the context of this week’s Bible reading from John 15:9-17

  • It’s not about romance
  • It is about mutual affection and genuine respect
The command from Jesus is “Love one another as I have loved you.”

What does that look like?

I’d love to hear (read, I know) your thoughts with some specific or not so specific examples of what you think it looks like to love one another.


GWiley said...

Right now what it looks like for me is trying to love and care for the person behind the monster. Even though doing so is hurting me.

KennyMac said...

This kind of love has nothing to do with affection.

It's all about sacrifice. A choice. Not a feeling.

Kirk said...

I see the point in your comment, but don't you think that when Jesus calls the disciples 'friends' that the presence of mutual affection is understood? The sacrifice is what he is explaining he is going to do, but the affection is what leads him to it.

KennyMac said...

Nope. Don't see it. I see a lot of "obedience" and "sacrifice" -- NO emotional component.

Remember, love as an emotion is a relatively (18th century for most people) new idea.

Kirk said...

I don't think we're on the same page here. Agape is that unconditional love, but Agape then and now has a greater depth of meaning. And the cousins Philos and Eros both carry affection with them.
I'm interested to know the background to your thinking.

Anonymous said...

Love is acknowledging and respecting people that have hurt loved ones.

I think love, affection, and sacrifice can be either emotional or logical, depending on the person (and of course it can be both). I venture to say that for most, it's essentially an emotional thing, but for some it is a rational conclusion based on experience and knowledge of the human condition.