Angels and Demons

I just caught the Friday morning matinee of Ron Howard’s Sequel/Prequel film adaptation of Dan Brown’s first Robert Langdon novel. Here’s my short review:

Treasure hunt movies are more enjoyable when they’re a bit more fun and not as heavy-handed. This one is a bit fun and a bit more heavy-handed, but it’s still a film worth seeing.

Here’s a bit more:

  • I don't think that there is anything anti-God or ant- church or anti-Catholic in this film.  
  • There are also no real standout performances. I did, however, enjoy seeing Steve Kehala as a CNN reporter and also was happy to see TV actor Gino Conforti  as Cardinal Pugini and  caught a very brief glimpse of Elya Baskin as Cardinal Petrov.
  • If you have to use the restroom, wait until about 25 minutes have elapsed. You should have about 10 minutes of lull time before anything important happens.
  • In it’s bit of heavy handedness, this film brings us a couple of excellent points for discussion.
  1. Science and religion are not mutually exclusive
  2. Religion is imperfect because people are imperfect.
I’m sure Mr. Brown’s soon-to-be-released novel will be made into the third Langdon film.

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