Terminator Salvation Review

4 Moores went to the opening midnight showing of the 4th installment of the Terminator movies. Here's my short review:

McG knows action sequences.  He finds a plot after awhile too!

Here's a little more:
  • The film never drags, but it doesn't really find its way until after the first hour.  Enjoy the action sequences during the first hour -- pay closer attention later.
  • I counted at least 5 obvious references to the other Terminator films.  How many can you find?
  • Is this a Terminator future reboot?  Yes -- but not nearly as good as the Star Trek reboot.
  • Standout performance from Sam Worthington as Marcus Wright.  
  • Her role is small and silent, but I expect to see more of Jadagrace in the coming years.
There's been a setup for a sequel, but I'm not sure this franchise has another left in it.

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