Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian review

The Moore kids and I went to see the sequel to the "exhibits at the museum come to life" movie this afternoon (2nd film this week!) Here's my short review:

As good as, if not a little better than, the first one

Here's a little more:

  • The formula for this one is essentially the same, but the additional characters and locations add to the adventure.
  • Yes. (the) Jonas Brothers are the cherubs.
  • Did I notice an intentional plug for the upcoming Three Stooges film?
  • Favorite character (by far!) Hank Azaria as Kahmurah (He was the voice of Abe and the Thinker as well?)
  • Loved seeing Darth Vader -- apparently James Earl Jones was too expensive, tho.

A very satisfying film-- though I'd love to see another sequel!

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Avatar said...

I have seen first Night at the Museum and it's surprising this movie had better opening at box office than Terminator. Still, I watched Terminator first.