I Love You, Man

After what seems like (and has been) months since I've seen a movie in the theatres, Cassie and I went out tonight to see the highest rated (on Rotten Tomatoes) new movie.  (I haven't seen Slumdog -- but it'll be on video next week, so we went for the comedy.)   Here's my short review

Crudely funny -- no. . . crudely and completely hilarious!

Here's a little more:

  • Paul Rudd and Jason Segel have great onscreen chemistry
  • All of the characters in this movie are likeable in some way
  • Did I say the movie was crude?  It's very crude.
  • I laughed out loud more during this movie than any in recent memory
  • RUSH?  In a movie!  Awesome!

All this-- and Lou Ferrigno, too!   I think I may have to see it again.

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