When the Spirit say move

Here's this week's Bible study blog entry for i.ucc.  It really covers the verse after the end of this week's Bible reading from Mark 1:4-11.

When I was a teenager, we used to sing a song in youth group.  Do you remember “When the Spirit say move?”

 When the Spirit says move, you gotta move (unh- unh) 
 When the Spirit says move, you gotta move (unh- unh)  
 When the Spirit says move, you gotta move, Oh Lord
 When the Spirit says move, you gotta move (unh) move (unh) move (unh- unh) 

(Song continues with different things to do -- Shout, Clap, SCREAM, Stop.

I liked the song (and still do) mostly because you get to jump around and clap and shout and scream and when you say stop -- you stop.

But there is a little bit more going on, if you look for it.

  • The Spirit of God -- the one that created everything from a formless void -- is the one that says move.
  • The mighty wind that said "Let there be light" (and there was light) is the one that says clap.  
  • And the driving force that sent Jesus into the wilderness is the one that says SCREAM! 

OK – I made that up – But I did it to describe that God’s Spirit does what the Spirit wants to do. It's not a gentle prodding. A mighty wind does not prod gently. It pushes and moves things powerfully.  And God's Holy Spirit – as described just after the last verse of this week’s Bible reading from Mark 1:4-11, (Do you like how I’m not talking about the baptism of Jesus at all, but rather something that happened just after?) drove Jesus into the Desert to be tempted for 40 days.  I believe the Spirit is still moving.

And I think that sometimes, maybe even often, that mighty wind can be disturbing and scary.

Then again, all of life can be disturbing and scary. I think the difference between life driven by me and life driven by God’s Spirit is in the strength, the endurance, the comfort and the love.  With God’s Spirit driving, all the strength, endurance, comfort and love come from God.

So it’s a strengthening, growing, comforting and loving disturbing and scary. 

What are your thoughts?

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