Bedtime Stories

All 5 Moore's headed to the theatre last night for some Adam Sandler fueled laughs.  We cozied up and watched Bedtime Stories.  Here's my short review:

Quite simply - a film with lots of laughs.  I'd love to see this one again and again.

Here's a little more
Adam Sandler does what he does best here -- deliver laughs and lots of them
Story?  Oh yeah -- there is a story and it is sweet.  But the laughs steal the show
The presentation scene (near the end) had me laughing out loud -- almost uncontrollably.
Did I mention this is a funny movie?
Family friendly?  Absolutely!
I expect to see newcomers Laura Ann Kesling and Jonathan Morgan Heit in many more films.
Other favorites?  Keri Russell as Jill and Guy Pearce as Kendall

No, it's not Oscar material -- but another great film from Adam Sandler!

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Cosner{Partyof5} said...

i totally agree!! we went and saw this on christmas day. and we have three little ones, so it's very family friendly. but not too cheesy. all 5 of us definitely enjoyed it!