The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Cassie, Andrew and I went to Cantera 30 last night to see the much talked about Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett film.  We weren't disappointed. Here's my short review.

A great look back - and forward.  

Here's a little more.

  • Each of the characters in this film seemed real -- no acting or scene stealing.  I wanted to get to know each of them equally.
  • Do I need to mention the seamless special effects?  I just did.
  • As love stories go, this is one of the best.
  • I kept thinking of how this film and the upcoming "The Time Traveler's Wife" will be compared to each other. 
  • Predictable in some ways by design -- This film is also unpredictable.  Be sure to watch all the way through!

No sequel.

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coffee said...

it was a little weird to see an old version of Brad Pitt's face pasted onto a kid's body, but i guess that's why they call it a "curious case"