Yesterday I got a coupon in the mail for a free haircut at a place called, 'Sportclips.' My hair was getting a bit too long. So today (after getting the oil changed in my car) I took the coupon over to the new store in Wheaton and got a haircut.

It was really a haircut experience.

Sure -- I got a haircut -- what I think is a really good one (granted -- I never pay attention -- if it is easy to take care of I think it's good.) but there was more. The free haircut was the 'MVP' and it included a "massaging shampoo" (just a hair wash with a short head massage) a hot towel on the face, a vibrating chair during the hair wash, shoulder massage and then a hair dry. And all of this was going on while ESPN was playing on a monitor right in front of me.

It was kind of like going to a spa -- all the pampering stuff -- but without the 'fru fru' feeling.

They gave me three coupons for free haircuts (first time clients only) to give to anyone. If you want one of the coupons get in touch with me. (The coupons are only good at the Wheaton store.)

The website is all about Sportclips being a 'guys-only' haircut place -- but they also have a news story linked on the website that says they can also cut women's hair.

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