Jonas Brothers - A Little Bit Longer

I wrote this "short review for youthworkers" for the most recent Jonas Brothers record for Interlinc's music magazine (YLO 74)

Artist: Jonas Brothers
Album: A Little Bit Longer
Label: Hollywood Records
@: jonasbrothers.com
Genre: Pop
TIYL: Hanson, Miley Cyrus, Cheetah Girls, Any of the newest Disney Channel singers
Reviewer: Kirk Moore
Union Congregational UCC
Somonauk, IL

What are teen pop sensations The Jonas Brothers doing as part of the record review portion here in the YLO magazine? Turns out that just a few years ago Nick Jonas was signed to INO records and all three performing brothers (Nick, Kevin and Joe – a younger brother, Frankie, is on his way to becoming the youngest Jonas performer!) are Jesus-following, purity-ring-wearing teen pop stars. (Note: Carrying the "role model" label is a heavy burden to bear. In addition to dealing with the temptation of being worshipped as a rock star, the Jonas brothers live with the same temptations and struggles of other teens. It’s wise to remind students of that reality)

The latest Jonas Brothers CD is filled with catchy and danceable pop tunes. Most of the songs, appealing mostly to middle schoolers, will have your toes tapping. The non-toe-tapping slower songs are still musically moving.

The songs are not, however, poetic masterpieces. Younger students will love them, but most of the songs don’t lend themselves to great discussions. A few exceptions (and I’m probably stretching a little here) are these three:
  • Shelf is about feeling rejected. The singer laments giving more in a relationship than his partner gives. This song might lend itself well to a discussion about things we keep on the shelf – like dusty old bibles or our spiritual lives.
  • Video Girl explores the shallowness of fame. The band realizes in this song that many so-called friends are really only around as long as there is money or power in the relationship. This song has possibilities as part of a discussion about the parable of the prodigal son.
  • A Little Bit Longer expresses hope of healing from sad situations. The singer has lost something precious and has no prospects for getting it back. This song would work well in a discussion about God’s healing and comfort in the worst times of our lives.
Play any song from this CD, and your middle school students will excitedly participate in group discussions. I’d stay away from the latest Jonas Brothers CD, however, with anyone older than 13.

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