Here's this week's Bible study blog entry for i.ucc:

The days of being able to tell the joke about men never asking for directions (and have folks laugh) are near over. While not everyone has access to computer directions and GPS navigation, young people growing up today will likely experience much less stopping at a gas station to ask for directions than in any previous generation. It seems that where we travel is now determined in advance and mapped out for us.

And of course, when we make turns that the GPS units have not prescribed, they recalculate the route to our destination, offering new roads (and sometimes u-turns) for our journey.

This week’s familiar Bible reading from Matthew 2:1-12 about the Magi visiting Jesus describes a bit of “dream GPS” that the visitors from the east used to recalculate their return trip home.  The last verse of this week’s reading is inspiring a few questions:

  • In our faith journey, what roads are we on? What would happen if we changed directions?
  • If we decide on another road along our faith journey, will the journey become a more fulfilling one? Or maybe will we experience the need for a u-turn?
  • How much do we trust God’s ‘gps’ in our lives? 

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