Thin Places – Clergy Day Away 2008

I’m at Pilgrim Park in Princeton, Illinois for the Illinois Conference’s annual Clergy Day Away. Last night I learned about “thin places,” or certain locations where the boundary between thins reality from another is thinner – more transparent. I understand it as a place where God seems nearer.

I’ve tuned out so much else during the experience so far – instead pondering what these thin places are for me.

  • An early morning snorkel-swim while on vacation in Bonaire
  • Lying on my bed or sitting alone and playing guitar
  • Working at a youthworkers or pastors convention – lifting heavy things etc while not having to think of being ‘pastoral.’
  • Centering prayer (I’m awful at this – but when led I do much better)
  • Clergy Covenant Group (a group of UCC clergy who meet twice monthly for reflection and refreshment
  • Looking at the ocean while the cool breeze hits my face.
I’ve noticed that on this list are only two locations or experiences close to home or one that I’m involved with on a regular basis. I think I’m hearing a still small voice reminding me that there are other thin places I’ve not yet experienced.

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