What kind of rules are these?

This week may yet prove to be a little controversial. On Monday I posted a new Bible study blog entry (Letters) that was about the 10 Commandments. I think I've gone a little deeper into the controversy pool with tomorrow's sermon at Union Congregational Church, United Church of Christ in Somonauk. I hope I challenge folks to think!
"What kind of rules are these?" text
"What kind of rules are these?" podcast


Kirk said...

Here's some commentary on this post that was sent to me - with permission to post it if I wanted. The source shall remain anonymous.

PERHAPS GOD says honor older parents with needed Medicare and affordable prescription drugs.

PROBABLY GOD SAYS you shall not kill, period. Not by lethal injection, not by surgical air strikes, or by endangering the lives of millions of Americans by failing to provide health insurance or food or AIDS meds.

Hi Kirk!

I read your sermon and while for the most part, it's awesome, very wise and thought provoking, I wanted to comment on these statements. I debated whether to post it on your page or not but I'm not sure I like everybody reading what I have to say so you can post it if you want or not.

I don't think the answer to health-care problems lies in the fact that people aren't getting the meds they need. God gave us bodies that have the power to heal themselves. It's just that when we eat no-nutrient garbage (processed food) and don't eat the wonderful vegetables that God gave us, and we don't exercise and are too stressed etc, this is what causes illness, NOT the lack of drugs. If I didn't take care of my car and do the scheduled maintenance, if I fed it Pepsi instead of gas, there's no way the insurance will cover replacing the engine when it dies before the warranty expires. Why do people think they are so entitled to all this free medical care when they don't take care of their own bodies? Drugs don't fix problems, they only cover symptoms, produce potentially fatal side effects, weaken our immune systems, and prolong illnesses because they are toxins that don't belong in our body. People are not dying because of lack of Government help; FDA-approved drugs kill millions! Perhaps you should include in your statement that Thou shall not kill includes killing your own body - which ultimately you are responsible for, not the doctors, not the government - by not taking care of it.

In case you haven't guessed, I'm into natural alternative health care. I have seen the difference between people like my parents and in-laws who are on dozens of different meds because they are practically free but can't afford to buy vitamins and organic food. And they will never get well, they just continue to get sicker. Versus the people I have met in my nutrition business, who are in their 70s and 80s and on no meds because they have taken care of their health and provided their cells the nutrients they need to live long and healthy lives!

So there's my 2 cents. Anyway, I do enjoy reading your posts and they always make me think, and sometimes make me laugh. And today they made me waste way too much time on facebook! jk:) I know you expected to get letters after that sermon but probably not on this topic! It just happens to be something I'm very passionate about .

Have a great day!

Kirk said...

Thanks for your thoughts! I'm glad this sermon made you think and respond!