Why I'm walking

This Sunday I'm participating in the Community Interfaith CROP Hunger Walk because I know that CROP helps children and families worldwide -- and right here in the U.S. -- to have food for today, while building for a better tomorrow. U.S. and world markets may be in unprecedented turmoil right now, but the tragedy of worldwide hunger and poverty has been a reality to millions of people for as long as anyone can remember. I'm walking because folks should have enough to eat instead of starving. I'm walking because folks should have clean drinking water instead of dying of thirst. I'm walking because I believe in Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty. I'm part of the Union Congregational Church, United Church of Christ team - and we're part of over two million CROP Walkers, volunteers, and sponsors from who are walking to raise over $16 million dollars to help end hunger and poverty around the world. Wanna get involved? Sign up as a walker or to donate.

CROP walk is sponsored by Church World Service, a cooperative ministry of 35 Protestant, Orthodox, and Anglican denominations, providing sustainable self-help and development, disaster relief, and refugee assistance in some 80 countries.

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