I finally got around to seeing Pixar’s newest summer blockbuster. Here’s my short review:

Moviemaking art returns – an entertaining film that’s got heart, soul, and a message that’s good for everyone.

Here's a little more:
  • So little dialogue – I started thinking about the 1972 film, Solyaris. (I guess I could have thought of 2001, too -- but the Russian film came to mind first)
  • Not so subtle messages about caring for the environmental, eating a healthy diet and getting proper exercise.
  • Is Fred Willard the only live-action actor to appear in a Pixar film?
  • I had no idea how many parents and small children go to see a kids movie on a Saturday morning – the theatre was packed!
  • The cartoon short at the beginning ranks right up there with Geri’s game.
  • I like the continuing story as told during the credits.

I like this departure in storytelling from Pixar – but I’m also ready for another 'bugtoynemoish' film!

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