Get Smart

After tonight, I think I'm fully caught up with summer films I want to see - up to this point. I just watched the 2008 movie version of the 1965 TV show. Here's my short review.

Laughs from start to finish -- with several "laugh out loud" moments.

Here's a little more:

  • There were so many laughs it's hard to single any out, but I remember three that really did make me laugh out loud -- Here are the one word descriptions:
  • movie stars
  • airsick
  • nuclear
  • Every time I see Alan Arkin I think of The In-Laws. He's great in this film too.
  • Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway must make more movies together.
I think I have to watch the direct to DVD spinoff and I'm looking forward to more Max

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traci said...

i knew you'd like it!