Don't walk on the lawn!

Here's this week's Bible study blog entry for i.ucc -

Yesterday I applied the liquid weed and feed to my lawn. For a few years I had tried to keep the lawn full, lush and weed free the organic way. Ultimately, I failed miserably and last year I went straight for the toxic chemicals that have turned my lawn into something that looks wonderful and feels pretty good under bare feet.

Except for a day or two after I apply the poison -- I don't want anyone or any living creature walking on it -- let they get a dose of the fertilizer and weed killer and get sick themselves.

And yesterday, less than two hours after I put the liquid on the lawn -- my dog was running in the back yard. She came in, ate her dinner and then threw it up all over the carpeting.

Not too long after the dog was outside, my son and his friend ran into the back in their bare feet. I said, "Don't walk on the lawn!" and then quickly ushered them back in the house and told them to wash their feet.

And all the while I wasn't thinking a bit about this week's Bible reading from Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43.

Now I am.

I continue to love the parables -- how they give me permission to think outside of what seems obvious into something else.

And here's a little of what I'm thinking.

  • Pulling up the weed among the wheat would uproot the wheat as well as the wheat. Doesn't putting artificial weed killer on the wheat endanger not only the whole crop but also any who would benefit from the crop?
  • If I feel like I've been a part of spreading poison over the crop - is it better to let any who have been near it throw up on the carpet or do I need to do some foot washing?
  • Who decided what was beneficial and what were weeds in the first place?
  • What would it be like if when the weeds and the wheat were separated, what I might consider weeds were taken to the barn and what I might consider wheat was taken to the fire and burned?
What are you thinking?

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