Habitat/Volunteer Camp 2008 - 7

It's the last morning of the last day - work is done -- just breakfast and goodbyes to go

Yesterday we finished up the tasks we started

  • Marshall Hall painting, curtains and even a tree mural (painted by one of the leaders) is complete
  • The Habitat home in Michigan city is way ahead of schedule
  • Part of our group went to Fernwood nature center -- weeding, mulching, finding snakes etc.

It's been a great week of working, getting to know youth and adults from all over Illinois (and Michigan!) and growing closer to God.

Last night's worship focused on the talents God has blessed all with. It was a challenge to use those gifts, some of which have been unleashed during this week, at home, school work etc. We spent time identifying gifts that each student and adult have -- it was a great "warm fuzzy" with God woven all through. We didn't get to watch the sunset because of the clouds -- but I'll always remember the night before -- a whole group of folks sitting on the beach watching a beautiful sunset over the lake.
Lots of songs -- I don't think I can remember them all . . .

  • Pharaoh Pharaoh
  • Something Beautiful For God
  • Pass It On
  • Where Justice Rolls Down
  • Holy Holy Holy
  • The Grand Illusion
  • I Will Call Upon the Lord
  • I Want You (Melvin - the student songwriters and band - made a second appearance)
  • Down to the River to Pray
  • Benediction
Breakfast, clean up and heading home today! I'm ready.

Next year, anyone?


Karen said...

What a beautiful photo, Kirk! I'm in awe of all the work you do. :)

max said...

oh melvins. i'm so sad i missed the last campfire. next year, yes.