Here's this week's Bible study blog entry for i.ucc:

This summer we’re watching some blockbuster superhero movies on the big screen:
All three promise to be exciting, entertaining and money-making. All three tell the story of a superhero and they’re hidden secret identity.

Every superhero needs to have a secret identity.

It’s the duality of the superhero that makes them so engaging. Understanding the flaws and the struggles of the characters makes their makes their superhero selves somehow more believable. We see the possibility that anyone, flaws and all, can have times of super heroism.

And the lesson is . . . that we should hide our flaws by becoming superheroes! Right?

That idea seems contrary to this week’s Bible reading from Matthew 6:24-34. In this week’s reading from Matthew 6:24-34 I see a call for authenticity and for devotion to God. I also experience something that may not be written here. I don’t think anyone has the true ability to never worry about their lives. (Would that be a superhero power?) I think the passage understands that and invites us to bring all that we are – worries, flaws and all – on our journey of faith.

What do you think?

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