Prairie Association Spring meeting - 2

I have to say that yesterday was a great day. Some brief thoughts:
  • I think David was tired -- or maybe a little exhausted from all the UCC stuff in the past week.
  • I'm sure I spoke too quickly when I told the folks about i.ucc -- but I hope they caught some of the 5 minutes of stuff I said (in 2 minutes) .
  • Pastors love wine and cheese -- and s'mores.
  • Campfire music is still fun -- I got to play a bunch and my friend Chuck played some classics I didn't know.
  • After the campfire I got to listen to some Hoyt Axton classics
Coming up today. . .

  • RSG part 2
  • The business meeting for the association
  • Officially Installing Kathy Lawes as our Association Minister (I get to preach!)

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