Prairie Association Spring meeting - 1

I'm at Pilgrim Park Camp and Conference Center in Princeton, IL for our Prairie Association's Spring meeting. Our theme this year (I had a little to do with the planning) focuses on the UCC's Ready, Set, Grow! congregational vitality initiative. I'm looking forward to hearing more about the initiative (I went through the RSG training last year) as well as connecting with others in the association about RSG.
Some expected highlights for me:

  • The presentations by Keynote Rev. David Schoen
  • Having the opportunity to provide some leadership during our sessions and also having the honor of preaching at Saturday's closing worship service.
  • Playing some guitar at tonight's vespers service.
  • An open, frank, and spirit-lifting conversation about the recent controversy surrounding the UCC
  • Spending time reading Craig Rennebohm's new book, Souls in the Hands of a Tender God
And here's a list of the fun in the meeting folders:

  • Worship bulletins for 3 services
  • The Prairie Association Spring 2008 directory
  • The PA 16th annual meeting agenda packet
  • A resolution to adopt a Statement of Mission for the Illinois Conference
  • The big, full RSG envelope -- filled with RSG resources
  • A letter, titled "Our broad range of emotions," from UCC president John Thomas - addressing the recent controversy
  • Advertisements for some upcoming workshops and events in the Illinois Conference
I'll post a few times with the events of the weekend as they unfold!


Anonymous said...

wow - a whole weekend for an association meeting. we only get a few hours on a sunday afternoon for our meeting.

Kirk said...

Ours are usually only a day -- but on Saturdays. This one is a treat!