Tim Hawkins Comedy -- Bible Study?

A Bible study about a comedy routine? How does that work? I put one together for interlinc's YLO 71. Tim has many funny bits on his comedy dvd "Full Range of Motion." The Bible study focuses on the routine, "I Can Only Eat Margarine."

Here it is!

Artist: Tim Hawkins
URL: timhawkins.net
Album: Full Range of Motion DVD
Label: Independent
Comedy Bit: “I Can Only Eat Margarine.” (video embedded at the end of this post)
Writer: Kirk Moore
Ministry: Union Congregational Church
Location: Somonauk, Illinois
Email: kirk@revkirk.com

Theme: Idol Worship

Materials needed: mp3 player, American Flag, Bible

Objective: By the end of this study, students will have talked about idols and recognized that the things we consider more important than God become our idols.

Warm- up: Praise song 'finish the lyric:' Compile about 15 praise songs that the members of your group will be familiar with. Play a segment of each song and invite students to finish the lyric. If possible, include the following songs:
Lord, I Lift Your Name on High
Awesome God
Better is One Day
I Can Only Imagine


Say: Many of these songs have become so familiar to us that just hearing the melody of it helps us to be inspired and to experience a sense of closeness to God. In the video we’re about to watch, comedian Tim Hawkins wonders what it would be like if corporations took the melodies for these songs and turned them into commercial jingles. Play “I Can Only Eat Margarine” comedy routine from Tim Hawkins.
During the song, while students are laughing – have them write down the names to the songs parodied in the routine. Additionally, invite them to draw a picture or write a few words to describe their emotions as they listen to the routine.


Say: What would happen if corporations took the melodies of our favorite praise songs? How do you think the world would react? How would you react? (Spend time in group discussion)

Say: I’m going to show you three items. When you see each item, write down some words describing how you feel about the object. Additionally, rate the objects in order of importance for your life.
Show the mp3 player, the American Flag and the Bible. Let students write down their reactions and then invite discussion.After a few minutes of discussion, say, “Now I’d like you to choose which item you’d destroy if you had to.” (Let students discuss.) After a few minutes, begin the Bible study.

Bible Study: Invite a student to read Exodus 20:3-6.

Ask: What do you think makes something into an idol? If an object, no matter what it is, becomes more important to us than God, do you think that object becomes an idol? (Continue discussion.)

Wrap up:

Say: Books, electronics, fabric, songs - any object, no matter what it represents or how important it is to us, is never more important than God is. Objects are temporary and replaceable, but God’s love endures forever.

Listen to the words of the Psalmist: (Psalm 136:1 NIV) Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good. His love endures forever.

Closing prayer: God of everlasting and unconditional love, thank you for your blessings. Help us to remember how temporary “things” are and how your love for us never ends. Amen.

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