Three Days Grace - Never Too Late

The newest issue of Interlinc's music magazine (YLO 71) is out and I have a few articles in it-- here's a short devotional I wrote for the re:tuned section about the Three Days Grace song - Never Too Late.

Song: Never Too Late
Artist: Three Days Grace
Album: One-X
Kirk Moore
Union Congregational Church
Somonauk, Illinois

Teaching Point: Hope

Opening Question: How do you respond to a person who has lost all hope and is considering suicide?

Discussion: Suicide is about hopelessness. A person might reach a point where their circumstances seem so overwhelming that there doesn’t seem to be another answer.
A first thing to remember when you’re either thinking about, or are with someone who is thinking about committing suicide is to GET HELP. Tell an adult you trust. Call a suicide prevention line (1-800-273-TALK or 1-800-SUICIDE) or go to a suicide prevention website. (suicidepreventionlifeline.org)

The next thing to remember is to stay with the person or stay with someone to either talk or listen. Talk openly. Listen seriously.

While listening, it can be helpful to offer the possibility of hope. The Bible teaches that Jesus came to give life, (John 10:10) that Jesus provides rest for the weary, (Matthew 11:28) that
God will never leave us (Hebrews 13:5) and that we can look to God for hope no matter what our situation. (1 Peter 5:7)

Keep talking, keep listening, provide help and provide hope. Just like the song says, it’s never too late.

Conclusion: We can always, no matter what our situation, place our hope in God. God never leaves and God never stops loving.


traci said...

i have a great acoustic version of this song... when i heard it i thought "this would be a great song to talk about with youth."

i've also wondered how three days grace got their name, but i have yet to google it.

Kirk said...

I saw today that 3DG has a link to the deluxe digital single of never too late -- with that cool acoustic version included. I remember getting the assignment to write this devotion and thinking how great -- and difficult -- a song it is to talk about with youth.

traci said...

indeed... it is such a difficult topic, yet so important. you did an excellent job of including the most important point... ask for help.

nik said...

three days grace is a sence of urgency. it's normally a business term. you get a grace period to pay off a debt.

Kirk said...

There you go, Traci. I wish the world was one where the band name was 3 years grace . . .