Underneath the National Pastor's Convention 2008 - 2

Today was a "Start getting the store ready" day. In the process I found a few great convention nuggets

  • This year's convention bags have a trial issue of COLLIDE magazine inside. I read through the issue and loved it! It's not a "How to" magazine -- it's a conversation about media and the church. I'm going to subscribe tonight!
  • The bookstore is offering almost everything at 50% off to convention attendees. That is unbelievably amazing!
  • This year's main stage setup is pretty nifty -- not super involved from a setup standpoint -- but nifty!

Tomorrow we start moving the heavy stage equipment.


traci said...

if i was there, i'd be going to tony's release party... maybe next year i'll go to that thing if i still have some con-ed money... actually.. it's in february so i'll have NEW con ed money. rock on.

Kirk said...

When's Tony's release party?

traci said...

4pm on thursday