Underneath the National Pastor's Convention 2008 - 1

I'm at the Town and Country Resort in sunny (well, today at least!) San Diego for the 2008 National Pastor's Convention. I've been a part of several National Youthworkers Conventions over the years (and one NPC) and this year I'm working on the main stage team -- helping to set up and put on the convention. Sure, I miss a lot of the smaller sessions, but I've found that for me, this way to experience the convention is the most refreshing. I'll post a few times about whatever's running through my head as we start putting this shindig together!

Here's what I'm particulary stoked about this year

NT Wright
Phyllis Tickle
Shane Claiborne
Jim Wallis
Mark Yaconelli

Ken Medema

I'm sure I'll have other favorites as the week gets moving!

Hey! My friend Mateen (who used to be in Warrenville) is a speaker, too!


johny b said...

i must say, that i am extremely jealous of you right now... you are in san diego... you are working the conference... and you get to hear all those great speakers!

also, you would, hopefully, get to go to in and out burgers... and run over to jedidiah clothing...

i'm so jealous... enjoy your time in the warmth and be filled by serving others!

Kirk said...

Hey johny b -- thanks! I'll be sure to post some NPC adventure here!