The Spiderwick Chronicles

I haven't yet read any of the books, but yesterday I took my youngest and his friend to see this latest children's fantasy book series film adaptation. Here's my short review:

"A thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining fantasy film with the right amount of happiness, sadness, fear and exhilaration."

Here's a little more

  • Seth Rogan? Really? Well, I guess he'd done quite a few voices in animated films too!
  • My mind never wandered -- I was completely engaged by this film.
  • OK -- I did think several times about "The Dark Crystal" and "Labyrinth," but it didn't distract me from this story.
  • Great CGI!
  • I don't think I'll ever eat honey, tomato sauce or oatmeal again -- without thinking of this story.

Favorite characters:

Now I get to read the 11 (and counting) Spiderwick-related books!

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