Anger, pain, fear, frustration and disbelief

Please join with me in prayer for the students, families and friends of Northern Illinois University.

Here's are excerpts from a psalm of lament from Tod Gobledale. He wrote it less than a year ago after the school shootings in Virginia.

I weep, oh God. I wonder, “Where the hell are you?”
And God, what are you doing about this? This land that prides itself as a “Christian Country” How long will you let this go on?
O God, O God I know that you do not forsake us. As one is wounded, so you are wounded.
As my heart bleeds and I weep, so your heart bleeds and you weep.
Comfort your children’s sorrow, lamenting mothers, bitter fathers, a nation wounded.
Lead us to love and life in you where our guns are beaten into plough shares.

Excerpted from "Psalm: Virginia Lament" By Tod Gobledale - Serving Global Ministries as Chaplain at Churches of Christ Theological College in Mulgrave, Australia

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