I know -- you're thinking about the movies, (all except for #5) right? Well, there's a little bit of mention of those films, but this entry is more about Peter -- Jesus' disciple. The i.ucc.org Bible study blog entry from Monday (Introductions) has been expanded into Sunday's sermon at Union Congregational Church, United Church of Christ in Somonauk.
"Rocky" text
"Rocky" podcast


Peter said...

I'm not sure if you knew I go by the nickname "Rocky" among my family and some close friends...and have since long before any boxing movies hit the screen. Family tradition holds that it is a nod to the rock of the church. But more probable is the fact that when I was a toddler, Rocky the Squirrel was a popular show; a neighbor was a big fan, and he dubbed with the name.

Kirk said...

I'm goinging wit the rock of the church one for you -- isn't Rocky the Squirrel really Rocket?