Alvin and the Chipmunks

Everyone else is out of town today -- so Andrew and I went to see the box-office smash featuring singing rodents. Here's my short review:

As silly and stupid as ever -- yet surprisingly sweet. And you've got to love the harmonies!

Here's a little more:

  • Jason Lee didn't seem too comfortable acting in this one -- it's probably since he was mostly acting to nothing during the film shoot.
  • This movie will live forever on video and TV. Jason Lee's career is going to continue big time. (My Name is Earl and Dave!)
  • I've liked Chipmunk music since I was a kid. I still like it in this movie
  • No wonder families are flocking to this movie -- it has a great moral!
  • Great digital animation - I almost believed the Chipmunks were real. (OK, not really, but the animation was great!)
  • David Cross is great - Even if you hate the chipmunks -- see the movie for him.
  • Helium does that to a chipmunk?

There will most definitely be a sequel.

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