Controversial milkshakes

Karen is a friend of mine. Karen is Deaf. Karen likes Steak and Shake milkshakes.
But last Wednesday, when she tried to order a couple of shakes for her and her son (as she has often done) at the drive-up window, the manager of the Bolingbrook establishment told her she had to order at the speaker. Though she told him she and her son could not hear, he refused to take her order and then shut the window, threatening to call the police.
Now the bloggers and Fox and ABC news have made it so that SnS is in a difficult position. All because one manager forgot what it means to make reasonable accomodations -- and how to give simple, polite customer service!

Here's what Karen says about the whole thing:
"If Mr. Steak 'n Shake Manager had simply taken my order and given me the milkshakes, I would have been merrily on my way with a happy son by my side, with both of us enjoying our treat. Even if Mr. Manager argued and then completed the order and we had gotten our shakes, it would have been just another bad day at the drive thru and I don't think the TV stations nor WLS Radio would have picked this up. Unfortunately, Mr. Manager's actions and denial of service turned this into a different result."


Anonymous said...

And another case of the world's lack of common civility. Remember the gal in Rockford who ordered her food at the MCDonalds driveup window, but was refused it when she tried to pick it up with her feet. I guess if you are born without arms you can't have a mac attack.

Thanks for your comment. I am sending the link to Karen's blog to my friend in AL who just got her second cochlear implant and is learning to hear in stereo.

Mary Royer

Karen said...

Hey Kirk, thanks for your support!